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Alex Pernau was born in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Drawn to art from an early age, Alex joined her first painting atelier at age 10 and went on to graduate in Visual Arts at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. After a few years working in illustration and animation studios in Brazil, Alex relocated to Japan in 2016.


“My work mixes a classical approach to the visual arts - consequence of my academic training and years of study focused on classical art - to elements of popular culture and my generation’s appreciation to digital media. I see my artwork as a direct result of my upbringing, so the images I create are all very personal to me. I could mention some of my major aesthetic and thematic influences, such as: Classical greek and roman Art, Art Nouveau, Byzantine Art, mythology, horror literature, classical anatomy studies, deconstruction of religious (Christian) paradigms, concepts of evil and ugliness, gender issues and feminism.”


Below is a list of exhibitions, publications and other artistic activities like art shows and events in which I've participated. Those include group and solo exhibitions.

Exhibitions, Publications, Art Shows

  • 2017/11/11 "Heavy Sound Festival" Live Painting

King Cobra, Osaka, Japan

  • 2017/09/09 "Unforeseen Art" Individual Exhibition, Art Show

Bar Theatre LUDO, Osaka, Japan 

  • 2017/04/22 "Unforeseen Art Festival" Group Exhibition and Art Event

No Name Cafe, Osaka, Japan

  • 2017/02/02 to 2017/02/06 "Heavy Metal Art" Group Exhibition 

70000tons of Metal Cruise Ship - Miami, USA to Labadee, Haiti

  • 2015/12/18 to 2016/01/22  "Ecos de Érico" Group Exhibition

Centro Cultural CEEE Erico Veríssimo, Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • 2015/09/16 to 2015/10/16 "Anomalia" Individual Exhibition

Brazilian Institute of Architects, Gallery Arquipélago (IAB-RS), Porto Alegre, Brazil 

  • 2015/06/02 to 2015/06/26 "Projétil - Módulo II" Group Exhibition 

Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo、Porto Alegre, Brazil 

  • 2015/03/21 to 2015/04/04 "Universo Urban Arts" Group Exhibition

Urban Arts Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil 

  • 2015/03/18 to 2015/03/31 "Feminismo é para todas as pessoas"  Group Exhibition 

Acervo Independente, Porto Alegre, Brazil 

  • 2014 to 2015 Illustrations, Animation and Comics, at Cria Ideias Studio.

Online Publisher Elefante Letrado, Editora Kroton, Edibooks. Porto Alegre, Brazil

  • 2014/11/22 "Volver - Publicações verbo-visuais" Magazine. Edi Superfícies.

Publicatto, 2014. Porto Alegre, Brazil


Below is a list of artistic activities related to academia in which I have participated. These includes research publications, presentations and participation in conferences.

Presentations, Lectures, Conferences

  • 2017/11/27 to 2017/11/30  SIGGRAPH Asia 2017  Volunteer Activities 

Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2017/04 to 2017/06  Moving Image 1 (Animation)  Participation  

Department of Art, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan 

  • 2016/12/07 "Animating in Brazil: characteristics and perspectives on the Brazilian animation industry"  Presentation

Manga Graduate School, Manga Department, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan

  • 2013"Iconology in Music Video: Hieronymus Bosch’s motifs in Until it sleeps music video by Metallica"  Presentation

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Instituto de Artes, Porto Alegre, Brazil


A .pdf file of my resume is available for download in both English and Japanese.


Download a PDF file containing a list of my professional career and activities in English.


Download a PDF file containing a list of my professional career and activities in Japanese.

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